Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Last 8 Months

8 months
Mammoth Cave, Kentucky
7 months
Olentangy Indian Caves
June 2010
7 months
OSU Optometry School

Graham's 6 month pool party
May 2010

Easter 2010
5 months

5 months
(w great-grandpa Knutson-92!)
Grant, Idaho
March 2010
4 months
Chicago, IL

Valentine's 2010
3 months

Baby Blessing
2 months
Provo, UT
December 25, 2010
Provo UT
1 month
3 weeks

So, for the longest time I viewed blogs as a waste of time...until I read Julie and Julia. Although this book had far more foul language than I could stand (who would have thought and how disappointing), there was a part in it where the narrator said essentially that by writing about something like the mundane every day workings of life, it sets it apart and makes it special. I can now respect blogs. Plus, lets be honest, I have a ridiculously cute here I go. I always said I would never do this...well, never say never. Move over Andrew, I here by claim a stake in our "blog". Even if no one reads it, I truly feel that my every day life is special and it is made so by a beautiful son and a ever-loving husband. Here's to the last 8 months of mommyhood.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Saturday Night at the 'Shoe

Blessed Sweet Victory

Rose Bowl Bound

Listen to Katrina Scream and buckeye fans praying that the kick goes thru.

A Sea of Scarlett and Grey

Thanks for babysitting Grandma!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Grahams first day out, at the Franklin conservatory in Columbus, Ohio

Grahams first road trip to the Kirtland Temple. His ancestor Joseph Bates Noble helped build it so Graham got to breathe the air that his forefathers breathed. He was such a good boy.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Our first moment together. Graham Stirling Noble born November 2, 2009

Sunday, July 20, 2008

How Great Thou Ark!

So we had a fun night with my sisters kids last night while she went and watched the batman movie. We wanted to help them out because they are in the midst of remodeling their house and their living room recently got thrashed in preparation for the additions to the house. We had a Noahs ark theme night. We bought a load of ice cream and animal related candy and decided to build an ark...

We started out with a graham cracker floor with frosting to hold the pieces together, katrina just couldn't help but taste our ark glue!

This was our ark building crew consisting of clockwise from katrina....Gabe, Payton, Talia and Jared.
Payton building the roof. You'll notice it has a pointed roof just like Noahs ark!We had the animals entering the ark two by two. We had gummi bears, animal cookies that had elephants and lions and tigers and bears, we had gummi worms, humans named mike and ike and mr goodbar... who we used as noah.
After careful construction with a team of experienced builders...
Voila! an Ark to survive the chocolate flood! We couldn't help that it looked suspiciously like a house. But you'll notice the deck, the pointed roof, the walkway into the ship are all pretty much exactly like what is described in the bible..ok not really but there were some similarities to the ark that was in EVAN ALMIGHTY which we watched to complete our ark evening of fun.
The chocolate flood couldn't bring down our ark!
We then had ice cream and used the destroyed ship to top our ice cream as we watched the rest of Evan Almighty. All in all it was a fun fun night. We added in guitar hero. Payton said it was related to the theme because Noah was a hero. We also played taboo with names of animals...Talia was able to get people to guess animals the fastest. We also did a name an animal game through the first couple letters of the alphabet! So yeah... use our idea for a family night and see if you can build a ship mightier than ours!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Canada Day!

This post is to commemorate my time spent in Canada to honor Canada day which is today...July 1st. As we used to sing in our mission song.... Oh Canada I long for thee, Oh Canada so dear to me, no matter where I chance to roam of thee I sing...I'm coming home.

Rolling with the homeys in Hamilton.

Devils Rock, Temiskaming Shores 6 hours north of Toronto.

Temagami Tower, where we read King Benjamin's address.

The greatest picture I ever took on my mission!

The Toronto temple in Brampton!

I had the police called on me for this picture

Highway 11 runs north and south through the forest. I nearly died on this road many a time in the snow! The trees the lakes...take me back!

Hockey Night in Canada!

The trees! Bless the trees!

The first day in my first area in the cottage town of Bracebridge Ontario. Love it there!