Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Last 8 Months

8 months
Mammoth Cave, Kentucky
7 months
Olentangy Indian Caves
June 2010
7 months
OSU Optometry School

Graham's 6 month pool party
May 2010

Easter 2010
5 months

5 months
(w great-grandpa Knutson-92!)
Grant, Idaho
March 2010
4 months
Chicago, IL

Valentine's 2010
3 months

Baby Blessing
2 months
Provo, UT
December 25, 2010
Provo UT
1 month
3 weeks

So, for the longest time I viewed blogs as a waste of time...until I read Julie and Julia. Although this book had far more foul language than I could stand (who would have thought and how disappointing), there was a part in it where the narrator said essentially that by writing about something like the mundane every day workings of life, it sets it apart and makes it special. I can now respect blogs. Plus, lets be honest, I have a ridiculously cute here I go. I always said I would never do this...well, never say never. Move over Andrew, I here by claim a stake in our "blog". Even if no one reads it, I truly feel that my every day life is special and it is made so by a beautiful son and a ever-loving husband. Here's to the last 8 months of mommyhood.


The Grimmett's said...

I will read your blog!!!!! I can't wait to learn more about Graham! He is getting so BIG!!!

Miss you!

Andrew and Katrina said...

Hey Katrina, great choice on pictures. I've been realizing lately how much of a beautiful family i have. Thanks for making that happen. love andrew

Stephanie & Andrew Hansen said...

We will read your blog!! So now it is time to update it! hahah! You NOW have a ten month old man baby that we can't get enough pictures of! Love you guys!